Circulation Booster

£207.49 (Ex VAT)

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Scientifically Proven To Increase Your Circulation

Product Description

Revitive IX Circulation Booster

This CE medical 2A device works by sending tiny electrical impulses through the nerve endings in the soles of your feet to the lower leg which, in turn, stimulates muscle contraction and improves your circulation.
It’s so simple and easy-to-use
It’s easy to use, has a convenient remote control plus it’s mains powered so there’s no need for batteries. Just 20 minutes a day could increase circulation and reduce the discomfort of swelling, aches and pains.
Simply plug it into the mains, sit in a comfy chair, read a book or watch your favourite TV programme while you treat yourself to better circulation and overall wellbeing.

Features of The the Revitive IX…
• Reduces swollen feet and ankles
• Alleviates tired and aching legs Improves leg circulation
• Increases temperature of the feet
• Increases oxygenated blood in lower legs and feet
• It is important that you DO NOT USE the Revitive IX™ if you: Are in the first trimester of pregnancy
• Are fitted with a pacemaker or Automatic Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator (AICD)
• Have epilepsy (Device can be used on the feet, but electrode pads not to be used on or around the neck area).
• Have Deep Vein Thrombosis

Do not use on:
• Broken or bleeding skin
• Tissue bleed
• Malignancy
• Eyes or testicles
• Infected tissue

Speak to a medical professional and find out how REVITIVE Medic is now suitable for those with Osteoarthritis or Diabetes, as well as for those with Poor Mobility, Muscle Weakness and in Post-surgery recovery.

The above price is including V.A.T. If you are eligible for V.A.T. relief, (due to a medical condition or foot problem), please fill in the V.A.T. DECLARATION FORM at the checkout.



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