Cosyfeet Foot Rasp

£6.25 (Ex VAT)

£7.50 (Incl. VAT)

Helpful For Removable Of Thick Skin On The Heels

Product Description

Cosyfeet Foot Rasp

This extra-large, double-sided foot file easily removes dry skin on the bottom of your feet leaving them soft and smooth. The curved shape is designed to stand pressure and is particularly good for thick, callused heels. Easy-to-grip handle. Use it once or twice a week before bathing. Recommended by podiatrists.

If you have diabetes, or problems with your circulation, ask your doctor or podiatrist before using this product. Do not use on inflamed or damaged skin.

Benefits of the Foot Rasp:
• Enjoy healthier-looking feet and heels
• Professional product designed to give great results
• Used and recommended by podiatrists

N.B. This is not a V.A.T exempt item.



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