Heel Cushions PORON 4000

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Relief From Heel Problems                      In Stock With Our Supplier

Product Description

Heel Cushion PORON 4000 – Women’s & Men’s

These shaped heel cushions lift and cradle your heel, relieving pressure and discomfort caused by sore heels, heel spurs or other similar conditions.

Features of The Heel Cushions:

• Instant relief from heel problems.

• PORON material has excellent shock absorbing properties.

Benefits Of The Heel Cushion Poron 4000

• It’s made from microporous polyurethane foam which has excellent shock absorbing properties.

• They are ideal for helping reduce discomfort from arthritis, weak arches and ball of foot pain.

• Cosyfeet PORON 4000 insoles and supports are designed to fit our extra roomy footwear.


Size Details:
• Sold as a pair
• One size fits all



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Men's, Women's

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