Cosyfeet footwear is designed for feet that can’t fit into ordinary footwear. All their shoes, boots and slippers are extra wide and extra deep so they are very roomy.

All their women’s footwear is made with an extra wide fitting of approximately EEEEE+. If you don’t know your width size, then don’t worry because many of their styles are adjustable. This means they’re flexible enough to fit feet that swell up during the day or if one foot is more swollen than the . Unlike many other brands of wide fitting shoes, Cosyfeet footwear benefits from extra depth which means they’re particularly good at fitting feet that are swollen and some styles fit feet with problem toes, bunions and misshapen feet and orthotics.

Extension Straps – If you have exceptionally  swollen or bandaged feet, extension straps lengthen the fastening straps on your footwear to give you even more room. These are available to order on many of the the Cosyfeet shoes, slippers and sandals.


What size of shoe should I order?

Most customers find that if they order their normal shoe size (Women’s size 6) a Cosyfeet shoe will provide the extra room and comfort they’re looking for.If you normally take a half size, and they don’t offer a half size in that style, then we suggest you order the smaller full size . All the Cosyfeet shoes are adjustable so which ever style you decide to buy, you will be much more comfortable than with a standard shoe.
If you find the swelling gets worse during the day, then you may want to consider a style with adjustable touch-fastening straps. A Lace-Up shoe maybe more difficult to put on.

If  when you have tried the shoes they still do not fit correctly, please return the shoes to us at within 28 days (as new) and we will of course offer you a refund or indeed an exchange. See our Returns & Refunds  section on the bottom of our homepage page for further information details.

Wider and deeper than anything you’ll find in the shops, Cosyfeet footwear is ideal if you need extra room to accommodate bunions, swelling, problem toes, bandaging or very wide feet. All Cosyfeet shoes are made to a standard 5E width fitting. If you have a specific foot problem or condition you are eligible for VAT exemption.


DB easy b Shoes 

Everybody’s feet are all a different in size, shape and width. DB therefore offer a range of width options in their styles of shoes.

EE (extra wide fitting)
4E(extra wide and extra deep)
6E & 8E (extreme width and deep fitting) so what ever the size or shape of your feet, there is a stylish, colourful shoe that fits you.

With the DB Shoes will not only have a shoe that has been designed to improve the comfort of your feet but a choice of shoes and colour options to give you a perfect fitting for many occasions.

Measuring Guide For DB easy B Shoes


Sandpiper Shoes

Sandpiper consists of a carefully designed range of comfort footwear and their products are known for their softness and flexibility. Their shoes are built up to a standard – not down to a price. Sizes include 4E to 6E and  they have developed many useful features to make their shoes stand out, from extra wide openings to touch fastenings their shoes are innovative and most of all, comfortable.